Freedom Day celebration creates opportunity to showcase SA products

4 Aug 23 | Chamber News

A diverse gathering of South African business professionals, diplomats, government officials, and community leaders attended the 29th Freedom Day celebration held at the South African Embassy in Washington DC on April 27, 2023.

The event, opened by the Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Mr Alvin Botes MP, formed part of the annual event to commemorate the historic milestone when South Africa transitioned to democracy, and it served as an opportunity for SACCUSA members to honour their homeland while fostering connections with fellow South African expatriates and international partners.

Other dignitaries from the South African Diaspora included SACCUSA President 
Mr Neil Diamond, DMV SAFFA Leader Faiek Abrahams, Chamber Members Akash and Mollica Maharaj and Charge d’ affairs Mr Ismail Esau. Attendees had the chance to reflect on the progress made since the birth of democracy in South Africa and discuss opportunities for further collaboration in trade, investment, and cultural exchange. 

As a prominent advocate for South African businesses in the United States, SACCUSA actively participated in the event. Its members seized the occasion to showcase the strength and resilience of South African entrepreneurs, highlighting their contributions to the American economy and emphasizing the importance of bilateral trade between the two nations.

The celebration served as a networking platform, enabling SACCUSA members to forge new connections and strengthen existing partnerships. By engaging with fellow South African expatriates and international attendees, SACCUSA aimed to foster a sense of community and solidarity among South African business professionals abroad.

It further served as an opportunity to promote South African products, services, and invest- ment opportunities to a wider audience. SACCUSA members seized the occasion to showcase their products with premium wines from Sulette Roux at IMPI Premium Imports and John Sizer from Southern African Wines USA.

It was a valuable networking opportunity and created a platform to foster connections that will contribute to the growth and success of South African entrepreneurs operating in the United States.

UK and SA trade high on the agenda

UK and SA trade high on the agenda

The annual gala dinner held at Mansion House, the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London, was an extraordinary evening and the SA Chamber UK was honoured to represent the organisation at such a prestigious event.

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