Caring for your
parents from abroad made easier

2 Aug 23 | Lifestyle

The decision to emigrate comes with disruption and massive challenges, but leaving behind elderly parents is possibly the hardest part of the process.

Assistance and support, while you live abroad, have just become a lot easier if they live in Cape Town. SAFFA Support, a new senior care service, was recently founded by an expert in the field of caring for the elderly, Netta Jordaan. With over 10 years’ experience working in retirement communities, Netta is a trusted and reliable figure in the senior care community. Her friendly and professional demeanour has earned her a reputation for providing personalised care and attention to every senior she works with.

At SAFFA Support, Netta’s top priority is ensuring that seniors can keep living as independently as possible. She and her team offer a range of services to help seniors stay in their own homes for longer, including assistance with daily tasks, companionship, and transportation to appointments.

“I know how important it is for seniors to maintain their independence and dignity as they age,” said Netta. “That’s why we offer personalised care that is tailored to the unique needs of each individual client. We want to help seniors stay in their own homes for as long as possible, while also providing the support and companionship they need to thrive.”

She knows all too well how important it is for children to know their parents are ‘taken care of’. Services SAFFA Support offers include:

• Regular check-ins and welfare visits to ensure your parents’ well-being and provide companionship.
• Coordination of essential tasks, including grocery shopping, medication reminders, and managing household maintenance.
• Assistance with administrative duties, such as bill payments, paperwork, and organising important documents.
• On-call support for emergencies, ensuring prompt attention and peace of mind.
• Professional settling of affairs and compassionate guidance during difficult times.

• Visit home – do visual confirmation
• Determine if any needs arose from last check-in
• Inspection of state of house and property
• Written report – including pictures

• Driver’s licence renewals
• Lawyer visits
• Passport/ID applications
• Travel arrangements
• After death duties
• Sorting of belongings
• Cleaning of residence
• Funeral arrangements

• Groceries
• Doctor’s visits
• Personal visits
• Paying of bills
• Collection of mail

• Arranging night nurses
• Property maintenance
• Maid services
• Home security


Well-known actor, André Jacobs, had to move his mother to a retirement home when she fell one night in 2014, only to be discovered the next day at noon. She had to undergo surgery and he had to make the decision to home her where she would have assistance. It was here where André and Netta’s paths crossed as she was the ‘mother’ of the house. In a written testimonial André says that his mother was extremely happy and well-taken care of by Netta and her team. His visits to her in the home were joyful and teatime filled with reminiscing about stories and happenings where she stayed. In 2019 Netta and others left the home due to a restructuring process and André says he was angry and vocal about it, but it happened, nevertheless. “In my opinion, Netta Jordaan is a caregiver par excellence, someone whom I highly respect and admire. Long may she, and husband Tielman, have the strength to continue their calling.”

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