Editor’s choice of SA products

18 Nov 21 | Marketplace

If golf is your thing, you’ll love Birdies & Bogeys golf gear

Who wouldn’t want to train or play golf in this stunning top from Birdies and Bogeys Golf gear? The tote bags are to die for and if you are opting for socks as a gift for dad this Christmas, browse here for a great selection.

Feel like making your own biltong?

Biltong Depot has everything you need to make sure your biltong comes out perfect. Their drying cabinet holds up to 15lbs of biltong and/or droëwors and can dry your meat in as little as four days. It’s quick and easy to assemble and can be stored flat when not used.

The perfect way to set your festive table!

This superstar table set of products is made by artisans in Royal Chundu’s neighbouring villages, on the banks of the Zambezi River, in Zambia. This set includes 4 x chitenge napkins, 4 x plain napkins (plain rings), 1 x tablecloth (300cm x 110cm). Add chitenge crackers and you are set. The crackers include the snapping cracker, Christmas hat (and chitenge dish cover) and a Zambian gift.

Nestle Quality Street

Many of our fondest memories of Nestlé Quality Street are picking a favourite colour-wrapped chocolate from the bag and waiting for the sweet taste of goodness to hit you. Make sure you enter the festive season with a few bags of the sweet delights in stock!

Buttermilk Rusks

Traditional buttermilk rusks, just like ouma used to make. Let our buttermilk rusks take you back down memory lane! Hand formed, baked to perfection and dried for 10-12 hours until entirely dry.


Vlakoekies from your childhood days are now available just for you. A soft custardy dough baked to perfection and sandwiched together with our own secret fudge recipe.


Are you one of those people who eat Aromat with almost anything? You’ll be delighted to know it is now available at SA Emporium and you can order it right here.

Soap bar

Get your shampoo in a soap bar! This lightweight cleanser deeply nourishes the hair and scalp. Packed with activated charcoal, it helps wash away scalp build-up.

Gift sets for perfect hair!
Each one contains shampoo bars with undertones of Argan, Desert Melon, Moringa, Jojoba and a cool soap dish.

Innovation fits young entrepreneur like a glove

Innovation fits young entrepreneur like a glove

While Brandon Hiemstra turned to America to find new markets for SA-grown macadamias, a woman who grew up in rural South Africa is establishing herself in the business world, thanks in part to a USA programme that empowers female entrepreneurs.

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Macadamia dream started on a Lowveld farm

Macadamia dream started on a Lowveld farm

Brandon Hiemstra grew up in Mbombela, Mpumalanga, an area abundant with fruits, nuts and vegetables. The city is surrounded with rich agricultural activities and in the past ten years the Lowveld has become one of South Africa’s major hubs for macadamia farming.

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No one wears the pants in the McLean-Bailey household

No one wears the pants in the McLean-Bailey household

When an internationally recognised television personality, emcee, speaker, entrepreneur and philanthropist, and a former Manchester United legend and England goalkeeper, soccer commentator, presenter and global circuit speaker team up, one can only expect fireworks!

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